The Mission of the Parish Pastoral Council is to assist the Pastor in working towards establishing a parish family in an atmosphere where in the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be proclaimed in conformity with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church to all, for the salvation of its members, all for the honour and glory of God. Hence this council will help in the decisions that affect the parish in:

  • Administration & Pastoral Planning
  • Parish Liturgical Ministries
  • Finance & Facility
  • Education & Renewal Program
  • Youth Development
  • Other pertinent matters

The overall purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to help achieve the Parish Mission for following Jesus and building God’s kingdom. Our Parish Pastoral Council has a solid Christian foundation based on spirituality, prayer, scripture, and guidance by the Holy Spirit. It is a “Parish” council in that it deals with the broad issues affecting the overall parish, whether in parish life, religious formation, liturgy, building and grounds, education and social justice. It is “Pastoral” in that it seeks to help the parish provide “for the common good” of all its members, both in spiritual and temporal matters. It is a “Council” in that it is made up of a cross-section of parish members to represent a wide range of opinions, interests, experiences and perspectives, to:

  •  provide counsel and advice for the Pastor,
  • collaborate in ministry with the professional Pastoral Staff; and
  • allow parishioners’ shared ownership of the parish’s direction.