LiturgyAt this time, we do not have a sufficient number of volunteers to cover all the weekend Masses in each ministry.  Until such time as we recruit new volunteers, we will need to make some minor changes.

Announcer and Lector Ministries will be combined for July and August.

The Saturday 5:00 pm and Sunday 11:30 am Masses may not have a Eucharistic Minister.  There will be a Eucharistic Minister at the 8:30 am Mass because they also administer communion to the residents at Eden House.

For the foreseeable future and until the (Taylors) can be replaced, there will be no accompanied music at the 11:30 am Mass.  The opening and closing hymns will be announced prior to Mass and the congregation will sing together.  We will keep you posted with any changes as they occur.

The seating at the Altar will be reconfigured.  The proper setup of the Presider’s chair on the altar is facing the congregation.  We will be experimenting with this setup over the next few weeks to determine how we may comfortably achieve this.  The Liturgy of the word and concluding prayers will be presented from the Presider’s chair.

Microphones at the Altar are malfunctioning.  We do not have a solution at this time and ask your patience until this is fixed. These changes will take place beginning July, 5th, 2014. Thank you in advance for your understanding and kind cooperation.

(Liturgy Team & Fr. Labado)