A Ministry that is concerned with Family Values, one being Right to Life which is of the utmost importance, for if there is no life”Firstly, there is virtually nothing “from Womb to Tomb” is Our Concern. Our yearly events consist of March For Life,in Ottawa, 40 Days For Life Prayer Vigils, and  Life Chain. Playpen For Life for donations to mom’s at Micheal House who decide to keep their babies and have nowhere else to go is another way that we reach out.

Another aid to Micheal House is our yearly Baby Bottle Campaign.We also submit signatures to our politicians, concerning pro-life and euthanasia matters.Family Movies are also in the works.Our Ministry is an answer to the call of Our Lord to take care of His Loved Ones.

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  • “It is Poverty that a Child must Die” “So that You may Live as you Wish” (Mother Teresa)
  • “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for Abortion is Already Born!” (Ronald Reagan)
  • “How can there be too many Children?” “This is like saying there are too many Flowers” (Mother Teresa)
  • “A Person is a Person no matter how Small” (Dr.Suess)
  • “The Most important thing a Father can do for his Children is to Love their Mother” (Theodore Hesburgh)
  • “The Words of those who bring up children will be as Milk if they be Good But as Deadly Poison if they be Evil” (Unknown)
  • “The First thing that a person finds in Life and the Last thing to which he holds out his hand Is the most precious thing he possesses,even if he does not realize it, is Family Life” (Blessed Adolph Kolping”